Monday, June 23, 2008

In Memory of George Carlin

Last night one of the greatest free thinkers died. George Carlin was not only a stand up comic, he was a crusader for free speech. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind about the issues of the day and stand up to the powers that be, no holy cow was left unturned. He will not only be remembered for his poetic rants about religion, sex and drugs. His impact on what can and cannot be said will continue to ripple through time. Below you can watch some of his classic monologues and part of his last performance on HBO. The rest of the show can be watched here.

Carlin on Religion

Carlin On Politics

Seven Words You Can't Say On Television

It's Bad For Ya (HBO Special)

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David Ansara said...

Carlin was a true crusader for free speech. However, crusaders for free speech are often ill-mannered and obnoxious people. But I suppose that's why we loved him so...

I think your post does well to track the trajectory of his career. Some wonderful footage.