Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Short Film of Kevin Smith

The 90's slacker generation owes much to the work of Kevin Smith. Clerks paved the way for a new wave of zero budget film makers, demonstrating that movies don't require over the top special effects and big name actors to be successful. Clerks spawned a vastly underrated animated series and an average sequel. Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma all exist within the Viewaskew Universe and are filled with intertextual references. Smith's recent work has been disappointing, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was little more than a series of cameo features and Jersey Girl lacked the wit of his previous projects. Below you can watch The Flying Car featuring Dante and Randall from Clerks. I have also included Trooper Clerks which pays homage to Clerks and Star Wars.

The Flying Car

Trooper Clerks

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