Sunday, June 8, 2008

Short Films of David Lynch

I recently attended a short film festival in Tel Aviv. Films made by students from around the world were featured for a week. Every night at midnight student films by great directors were broadcast. I plan on hunting down a selection of short films and putting them up here for communal enjoyment. David Lynch is still one of the most innovative film makers our time. Below you will find his films The Alphabet and The Grandmother (which has been broken up into five short clips.) The films are not his best work, but they do provide valuable insight into his later work, which includes Eraserhead, Twin Peaks and Mullholland Drive. I have also provided a documentary on Lynch, which includes an interview between the director and Jonathan Ross. Double clicking on the clips will take you to youtube where they can be viewed in full screen mode. The films can also be downloaded by using Realplayer.

The Alphabet

The Grandmother

Jonathan Ross Interview

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