Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sumbission to SA Parliament on video

The following videos document my submission to the South African Parliament. I argued that the current Films and Publications Act infringes the right to freedom of expression. I focus on the distinction between Real Child Pornography, which involves the use of real children in the production of pornographic materials, and Virtual Child Pornography, which depicts children involved in sexual conduct through images or words, without actually using any real children. For example the novel Lolita, the film American Beauty, and paintings by Egon Schiele are examples of Virtual Child Pornography. I argue in favour of a continued prohibition on Real Child Pornography, but argue that Virtual Child Pornography ought not be prohibited. The first two videos present moral and legal arguments for my position, while the last three videos contain questions and answers about the submission . If you weren't worried about the caliber of our politicians, you will be after seeing what they asked me.

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